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What type of rice is best for Jollof Rice?

by Adedayo Alao


This is a raging debate! The most common options are long-grain rice, basmati, and Thai jasmine. I have noticed a trend towards bulgur as a healthy option. Traditional long grain rice tends to hold the consistency the best, but I prefer basmati because it cooks a bit softer. For the oven, Thai jasmine works best and even World Jollof Day agrees!

We have quite a vast variety and variation of both locally farmed and foreign (imported) rice, quite a lot of rice types can be used to make Jollof rice.

But for this blog as it is a continuation of the pervious, we are using the long grain parboiled rice from efugo farm (www.raw.com.ng) for this recipe.

What type of rice is best for Jollof Rice?

Nigerian jollof uses the long grain, parboiled rice (most commonly consumed) while Ghanaian jollof uses softer, non-parboiled rice (typically something like jasmine rice), Ghanaian jollof also has a wider variety of spices (I've eaten some with clove, for instance) - but the Nigerian version keeps it simpler (typically just bouillon).

Health-line notes that jasmine rice contains more calories than long-grain white (181 to 160 per cup), plus an added gram of fat, slightly more carbs, and a small amount of iron, which is absent in white rice. Whole grain varieties of jasmine rice exist, and will provide more fibre. But jasmine rice is rarely used in jollof rice.

In the processing of this variation of rice, the rice is soaked, then steamed and finally dried. Then the hull is removed to make parboiled rice. The steaming enables the rice to soak well and absorb nutrients, it also changes the starch so that it cooks into a firmer, and less sticky dish of rice than the regular white rice.

Another option for rice variation is the type of rice used in beef jollof rice recipe, it is prepared using basmati rice. The Basmati grain is unique in that it expands more than twice its dry length during cooking. Unlike other types of rice, the grains only expand lengthwise, which allows them to retain their characteristic length and slenderness when cooked.

It's another great Jollof rice recipe that I found, the jollof rice made with beef and basmati rice. It’s party style! And you can choose to take it a step further by roasting the bell peppers before blending and cooking to create the much desired smoky taste. I’m sure you will love it!

We usually serve Jollof with Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Goat Meat, Fish or moi moi and sometimes with a side of fresh creamy Coleslaw or Nigerian salad. In west Africa, a party such as a wedding ceremony or a naming ceremony is not complete without this meal. It is a sure party pleaser.

My final thoughts on making a great Jollof Rice.

If you are not a fan of this stovetop method or you simply want to be adventurous or perhaps you just like to vary the way you cook Jollof rice. Then, you can try it out. Oven-baked Jollof Rice.

Want to be more adventurous with your jollof rice? www.raw.com.ng has got you covered! With on click you can order your long grain rice, spices, tomatoes and pepper, place your order now! />

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